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Floor Safe Tiles

Product Number 583
Floor Safe Tiles are a simple and safe system designed to protect your valuable flooring surfaces in multi-use applications.
  • Durable - Low pile, polypropylene carpet with bitumen backing is stain resistant and sturdy
  • Easy to Install - Tiles are easy and safe for one person to install; no glue, tape, or special connectors required as the mass of the tile installation holds everything in place
  • Sturdy - Chairs, tables, and other items can be placed on top of the installed tiles and carts can be pushed across the tiles
  • Safe - Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Tiles are 40" x 40" and available in medium grey to blend with virtually any d├ęcor

Storage carts are available for an additional fee and hold up to 80 tiles

Floor Safe Tiles are ideal for protecting wood gymnasium floors and other sensitive flooring from damage.

40" x 40"

Fiber: Solution-dyed polypropylene
Weight: 31 ounces/meter2

Material: Bitumen
Weight: 92 ounces/meter2

OVERALL MAT THICKNESS: 1/4 inch (0.25")
OVERALL MAT WEIGHT: 123 ounces/meter2


  • Passes flammability standard DOC-FF1-70

For the best results, utilize the following cleaning method to clean your Floor Safe Tiles:

  1. Vacuum to remove dust, debris, and light soil.
  2. Extract clean or hose off as needed to remove heavy soil.
  3. Hang mat to dry. Tiles should be dry before placing back in service or storing.