SuperScrape Sign Mats
Entrance / Scraper-Wiper / Indoor-Outdoor

Product No. 3666

  • Sign images are produced by molding a digitally printed polymeric material into a durable nitrile rubber mat
  • Signs are UV resistant and perform well in all types of environments
  • Available in 3’X 5’ and 4’ X 6’ sizes in either horizontal or vertical orientations
  • Superscrape Sign mats are perfect for any application where a message mat with scraper capability is needed
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  • Authorized Personnel

    Authorized Personnel

  • Do Not Block

    Do Not Block

  • Caution Forklifts

    Caution Forklifts

  • Floor May Be Slippery

    Floor May Be Slippery

  • ID Badge Required

    ID Badge Required

  • Hard Hat Required

    Hard Hat Required

  • Keep Door Closed

    Keep Door Closed

  • No Cell Phone Use

    No Cell Phone Use

  • No Admittance

    No Admittance

  • No Weapons

    No Weapons

  • No Smoking

    No Smoking

  • No Food or Drink

    No Food or Drink

  • Safety Begins Here

    Safety Begins Here

  • Notice to Visitors

    Notice to Visitors

  • Restricted Area

    Restricted Area

  • Smoke Free Facility

    Smoke Free Facility

  • Safety Shoes Required

    Safety Shoes Required

  • Shoplifters Prosecuted

    Shoplifters Prosecuted

  • Wipe Your Feet

    Wipe Your Feet

  • Video Monitoring

    Video Monitoring

  • Welcome