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Microfibre Scrubber Mop

Stock Product Number MOP_AMMW
Microfibers are specially designed non-abrasive, non-linting fibers, small enough to penetrate into surface pores and remove tiny dust particles. Microfiber Mops save time and money by using a smaller amount of chemicals and water to clean than traditional mops. To use Microfiber Mop Pads, simply apply a clean pad, clean the area, and remove the pad to be laundered.
  • Absorbent microfibers provide a deep clean
  • Polypropylene scrubber strips are great for aggressive cleaning on grouted surfaces or any surfaces requiring scrubbing action
  • Ideal for restrooms
  • Made with Velcro backing for quick, easy changes
  • Dark grey color hides dirt and grime
  • Commercially launderable

Scrubber mop pads are stocked and available for quick shipping

5" x 18" (12.7 x 46 cm)
5" x 24" (12.7 x 61 cm)

The following procedure for machine washing microfiber mops will assure maximum performance and longevity of 200 to 300 washing. Do not use bleach to remove stains or for any other reason. Bleach decreases the effectiveness and durability of the microfiber product. Do not use fabric softener.

  1. Flush, High, 80°F - 27°C for 2 minutes
  2. Flush, High, 120°F - 50°C for 2 minutes
  3. Break/Suds, Low, 140°F - 60°C for 10 minutes
    6oz. built (non solvent) detergent for each 100 lbs. - ph 8.5 - 11.5 max.
  4. Rinse/Extract, High, 120°F - 50°C for 3 minutes
  5. Rinse/Extract, High, 80°F - 27°C for 2 minutes
  6. Rinse, High, Cold for 2 minutes with ph 7.0 to 9.0

Additional Processing Information

  • Centrifugal Extraction: Bring to full speed (300 rpm) for 4 minutes and release.
  • Hydraulic Extraction: NOT RECOMMENDED
  • Drying: Compared to traditional mops, drying time is significantly reduced with microfiber products. Drying times will vary depending on your geographical location, equipment and the environment and load size. When programming auto dryer settings, monitor temperature for the first 3-6 loads, stop temperature when 120°F is reached, then begin cool down after set point has ran for 3-5 minutes.
  • Air Drying is RECOMMENDED but if you must dry using gas or steam heat, start by tumbling these mops at 140°F incoming temperature, 100°F exhaust (If available on your equipment, reverse the dryer drum during the drying cycle. It reduces the drying time and will not create heat pockets in the mop/yarns prolonging their service life). Cool to 90 - 100°F before unloading.
  • MOPS SHOULD NOT BE FULLY DRY; moisture content should be approximately 20-25%, unless they are being poly wrapped directly from dryer.  Microfiber is the perfect item to air dry at the end of your production shifts if you have large dryers that require cool down of the drum support rollers at the end of the production day.  Place the microfiber items in the drum before you start the dryer and allow them to tumble while doing this cool down even if you only have a small quantity of microfiber items. It is not wasted energy and it will prolong the life of your products.


  • Over time, the use of harsh chemicals such as those contained in bleach and the use of fabric softeners will reduce the performance and longevity of the microfiber products.
  • Do not WASH/STORE OR TRANSPORT microfiber mops with terry towels, regular mops or any other product that has cotton or linting capabilities.
  • Separate different colored microfiber mops before their first wash.

If you require additional information or require further assistance, please call Golden Star customer service department at 1-800-821-2792 or 1-816-842-0233 or email  [email protected]