Webinar: Sales, Marketing & Self-Service Tools

Join us at your convenience for this "on demand" webinar as we walk you through the tools designed to help you increase sales.  These tools can be especially helpful as we all learn to navigate a new world of selling that will be largely driven by virtual prospecting and digital meetings.

What you'll learn:

  • How to use the M+A Matting website to answer all of your (and your customers’) questions about mats
    • How filters can help you quickly locate mats the right mat for any application
    • How to easily access sales/marketing support documents, videos, and more
  • How to create logo mat proofs INSTANTLY and customize every sales call you make with InstaProof®

If your bandwidth makes streaming video difficult, you can download the webinar from the M+A Matting Training Vimeo channel and watch it directly from your computer.